Return to love with Nana Mouskouri

Timless songs…. timeless singer



It’s great to hear from all you beautiful fans of Nana via email. It would be awesome to see you talking about Nana on this blog.

So come on guys & gals – here’s an opportunity to express your love for Nana in any language.

Hope to catch up soon.




Welcome to my blog on Nana Mouskouri!

I hope I will be able to get in touch with as many fans of Nana Mouskouri as possible, and also those who haven’t heard about Nana or her songs.

Please visit my Return to Love with Nana Mouskouri web site, which was created to show my gratitude to Nana for giving me and my family the wonderful gift of her voice.

I look forward to meeting fans over here soon, so we could have lots of fun chatting about Nana & her music.

So until then, love & peace to all of you.