Return to love with Nana Mouskouri

Timless songs…. timeless singer



It’s great to hear from all you beautiful fans of Nana via email. It would be awesome to see you talking about Nana on this blog.

So come on guys & gals – here’s an opportunity to express your love for Nana in any language.

Hope to catch up soon.



Author: Rivendell Bed & Breakfast

Rivendell is a privately owned guesthouse nestled in the hills of Dickoya, Sri Lanka overlooking the Castlereagh lake. It comprises 6 rooms, tastefully decorated and equipped with all the comforts of an ideal holiday home. We offer delicious, home cooked meals, superior service and a homely atmosphere which is unparalleled.

8 thoughts on “Fans

  1. I had the privilege of meeting Nana twice. In 2001 and 2005 when she visited Melbourne, Australia. What struck me most was how humble she is … for someone who is so well known around the world, I think that’s amazing.

    This blog rocks!


  2. Nana has been the greatest inspiration that I’ve ever had in my life. It’s been a year since the magic of her voice touched my soul, this year has been the best and most wonderful year of my life, I never thought that I could feel something like this!!! At the beginning I felt alone because she is not very famous in the city where I live, and I am 19 years old, so my friends and all the people I am close with didn’t know about her, but one day, I found friends that are like angels for me, and these friends understand my feeling, Maryse is one of those friends, maybe we haven’t seen each other personally but all my friends that love Nana, in every place of the world, are a blessing!!! Nana has given peace, love, answers, and the best friends too!!!! I will never end thanking her! She is my angel!!! And we are waiting impatienly for her in Mexico!!! TE QUEREMOS NANITA PRECIOSA!!!!

  3. Hola a todos, quisiera expresar mi más profunda gratitud a Nana, por darme lo más hermoso de este mundo, su música. Mi vida ha estado ligada totalmente a ella, y a través de su música siempre está conmigo. Son 15 años junto a mí, y nunca se alejará de mí, porque siempre está conquistando mi corazón y mi alma.
    Gracias a ti Nana

  4. Hi everybody, I would like to express how grateful I am to Nana for she’s given me the most beautiful thing in this world, her music. My life’s been totally linked to her, and through her music she’s always with me. It’s been 15 years with me and she’ll never leave me, because she is conquering my heart and my soul. Thank you Nana.

  5. Thanks guys for your fantastic comments which I really appreciate and keep them coming in.



  6. greatest set of pipes on the planet for last 50 years. would like to write her directly a letter admiring her musical genius

  7. Hey guys, how are you doing?
    I’m down with a really bad attack of the flu and feel really crook (sick)! Have been in bed all day.
    Would love to hear from fans.

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